Dea-Dea Island in Binuang Sub-District, Polewali Mandar Regency

The seven islands of Polewali Mandar or Tonyaman Archipelago become a hot topic among tourists these days are belongs to Indonesia. One of them is called Dea-Dea and it has a unique charm for everyone to enjoy. Like others, it belongs to Binuang Sub-District and offers an easy access to tourists (especially through Tonyaman Port). It is true that each of those islands offers a distinct allure. So, what about this one? Visitors are able to find tons of cats living on this island, as these cute animals live abundantly and comfortably there without any disturbance of human. No wonder, there is another name of this site which is “Kucing” (Cat) Island.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Dea-Dea Island is similar to that of Japan’s Tashiro Island. The reason is none other than the presence of hundreds of cats that live in this site. Some tourists may ask from where these cats come from for sure. Well, according to local guides, people who live in nearby islands threw wild cats to Dea-Dea in the past. No wonder, as the time went by, these animals reproduced and grew abundantly! What about the landscape of the island, though? The island is smaller than Battoa and Salamaq, but it features nice beaches and hills.

Exploring Dea-Dea Island
Once arriving at the island, tourists may see hundreds of cats welcoming them right away. The fact is that these animals are able to survive there without any help of humans. That means they look for foods and mate naturally, which causes an uncontrollable increase of population. Despite their cute appearance, these cats are considered wild animals so tourists can’t approach them carelessly. Some of them are quite tame, though. In this case, visitors should carry cat foods so that they can feed these cats and get along well with them.

For those visiting Dea-Dea Island, they should not forget to carry a camera. They can use it to take selfies with those cats, after all. The next tip is that tourists should consider coming with a local guide. This person helps everyone to get around the island in an efficient manner and he may tell tourists how to approach the cats safely. Even though it takes some money to get the service, it is going to be a worthy expense.

What is more? Aside from watching wild cats, tourists can explore Dea-Dea Island for its natural beauty. The best part of the island perhaps is the coast, where tourists can find a beautiful sea panorama and feel its comfy nuance. Once again, it is important to carry a camera so that tourists can take some good pictures of the sea.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Polewali Mandar Regency, tourists only need to get to Tonyaman Port in order to rent a boat to Dea-Dea. This trip only takes about 15 minutes, as the distance is 7.3 km. It can even be faster if tourists take Poros Majene – Mamuju Street. Once arriving at the port, they must find a reliable boat service and head to Kucing Island right away.

Where to Stay
Recommended hotels are available in Binuang Sub-District.

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