Salama’ Island in Binuang Sub-District, Polewali Mandar Regency

Perhaps, not many travelers are aware of the presence of the seven islands of Polewali Mandar Regency in Indonesia. Therefore, everyone should include these beautiful islands to their next vacation destinations. One of these islands is called Salama’ or Tangnga Island. It is located in the east part of Dea-Dea Island and is known for its religious tourism. In terms of region, though, it belongs to Binuang Sub-District. Due to its unique allure and easy accessibility, anyone can get to this island without hassles for sure. Thus, travelers should not miss the chance to come to the island when visiting Polman (Polewali Mandar) later.

The Nuance
Salama' or Salamaq is an inhabited island in Indonesia, so tourists won’t feel secluded once getting there. In terms of size, it is the second biggest island after Battoa and features various landscapes for tourists to explore. What about the people who live there? The majority of islanders work as a fisherman. This explains why visitors may see numerous fishermen boat parked on the coast once they are getting near to the island. In terms of nuance, Salamaq has several hills and features ancient Islamic tombs that scatter in some parts of it.

Exploring Salama’ Island
The most interesting allure of Salamaq Island is indeed the presence of a famous tombstone of Syekh Abdurrahim. Even the local government of West Sulawesi has established it as an important cultural site. What tourists should consider is only the location of the tomb, which resides on Pulo To Salama Hill. That means they need to spend a little bit effort (trekking) to get there, which takes some stamina and time. Despite the fact, it would be a worthy religious tourism for everyone.

Here is the tip. The best time to visit Salamaq Island is the end of Lebaran, as it is considered the holiest time to conduct pilgrimage. What is more? The next allure of Tangnga Island is a traditional ritual called Massampo. The locals may gather in nearby ancient tombs and conduct several things like sacrificing an animal, throwing coins to the tombstones, and clean them thoroughly. What about tourists? Any outsiders are allowed to join and witness the ritual as long as they do not cause havoc there.

The next recommended thing to do in Salamaq Island is to approach villagers. It is said there are about 80-90 households living in this island. These people also gave another name to the place where they live, which is Tangnga Island. The meaning is “the middle”, as it resides between other islands of Tonyaman Archipelago. What about Salamaq? The name derives from the name of one of the ancient tombs called To Salama!

Nearby Attractions

  • Dea-Dea Island
  • Battoa Island
  • Keramasang Island

How to Get There
It is easy to get to Salamaq Island, especially from Polewali Mandar Regency. What tourists need to do is to get to Tonyaman Port, which only takes about 15 minutes (7.3 km apart) via Poros Majene – Mamuju Street. Next, they can take a boat and head to Dea-Dea Island first. The last thing to do is to take another boat to Salamaq Island immediately.

Where to Stay
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