Karamasang Island in Binuang Sub-District, Polewali Mandar Regency

The seven islands of Polewali Mandar Regency gain more popularity among travelers these days. It is because tourists want to get a new experience like island hopping during holidays in Indonesia. Well, as for the reference, there is Karamasang Island and it belongs to Binuang Sub-District. In terms of region, it is located within Amassangan Village as well. The fact is that it is located in the easternmost of the archipelago and it is the neighbor of Gusung Toraja (which is located in the south part of it). Here is the best thing. Visitors can do almost anything in Karamasang including fishing, swimming, outbound, diving, and trekking!

The Nuance
In terms of size, Karamasang Island is smaller than Battoa but it is bigger than others. The landscape looks nice as it features different natural attractions like a small savanna, mangroves, and corals. When it comes to the coasts, it has calm waves with strong winds. Due to such calmness, the sea is considered safe for swimming and diving indeed. As an alternative, tourists can take advantage of the lush environment and comfy nuance of the hills to enjoy trekking and outbound. Somehow, the island is suitable for photography as well due to the majestic scenery of the horizon!

Exploring Karamasang Island
The question is what tourists can do once arriving at Karamasang Island. Well, it can be as simple as exploration or trekking. The landscape of the island is suitable to do enjoy such activity, after all. Usually, tourists would reach the top of the hill where they can see the best natural scenery and enjoy the atmosphere. Here is the fact. The locals have built swingers on the top of the hill for tourists to use. More facilities are also available including custom photo frames and hammocks.

What is more? The next thing to do in Karamasang Island is to explore the sea and coast. It is because the island has an amazing formation of corals, which become the home of beautiful tropical fishes and mollusks. Here is the tip. The best location to witness such stunning corals is none other than the south part of the island. At the site, tourists would be astonished by its sloping landscape of the beach. The corals are available to see within the depth of 3 – 5 meters, actually.

Another allure of Keramasang Island is indeed the mangrove forest. These plants grow abundantly and cover almost all parts of the island (except the southern part), in fact. The only disappointing thing is that no people live there, so no one takes care of those mangroves. As the result, these plants grow out of control and don’t look nice in terms of aesthetic.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Polewali Mandar Regency, tourists need to get to Tanjung Silopo Port first. This may take about 18 minutes, as the distance is 11.9 km. Next, they should find a reliable boat service and get to Karamasang right away. The fee is a little bit expensive during holidays, though. So, make sure to carry enough cash to pay both transportation fee and supplies later.

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