Limbong Kamandang Waterfall in Tapango Sub-District, Polewali Mandar Regency

In the north part of Polewali Mandar Regency, tourists may find a beautiful waterfall called Limbong Kamandang. To be exact, the location is in Kurrak Village and it belongs to Tapango Sub-District belongs to Indonesia. The locals often come to this site in weekends for numerous activities like relaxation and playing water, actually. Surrounded by a pristine environment, the waterfall gives a soothing sensation to all visitors and it becomes a good place to relieve stresses as well. The best thing is that everyone can get to the site without hassles, as the waterfall is located near to the roadside.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Limbong Kamandang Waterfall combines unspoiled nature and majestic panorama! Next, tons of lush trees surround the waterfall and create a soothing atmosphere there. When it comes to the size, this Indonesia's waterfall has the height of about 100 meters. Near to it, tourists may find a bridge and stunning river. This site definitely becomes the best spot to conduct sightseeing and photography. That means tourists can comfortably watch the falls from the bridge without getting near to it. For those who love challenges, though, they can approach the waterfall and play water there.

Exploring Limbong Kamandang Waterfall
The first thing that tourists can do once arriving at Limbong Kamandang Waterfall is to take pictures of nature. The waterfall looks majestic enough to become a background of selfies, after all. However, tourists should not get too near to it due to the strong water discharge. Instead, it is recommended to reach the nearby bridge and take pictures from there. As an alternative, sightseeing is satisfying enough especially for those who don’t bring a camera to the site. The nuance never fails to amuse visitors, for sure!

What is next? During a good weather, Limbong Kamandang Waterfall is safe enough for bathing. What tourists need to do is to approach the natural pond located near to the waterfall. It has crystal clear and soothing water, so everyone can enjoy bathing comfortably there. One thing, no one is allowed to litter or spoil the nature while bathing. Also, it is recommended to prepare extra clothes beforehand. Using soap for bathing is not compulsory, though.

Another good thing that tourists can enjoy in Limbong Kamandang Waterfall is relaxation. That means visitors don’t need to do anything. They only need to take the time and relax on the site, surrounded by flawless nature. Moreover, several gazebos are available for them to use! The nuance even feels peaceful due to the low number of visitors, as the results of difficult trekking route and secluded location. What a great place to find peace and eradicate stresses!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Polewali Mandar Regency, it takes about 54 minutes to get to Limbong Kamandang Waterfall as the distance is 27.4 km. This trip can be faster if travelers take Poros Majene – Mamuju Street, though. The first thing to do is to get to Tapango Sub-District by any local transportation service. Next, they can reach Kurrak Village right away where the waterfall resides.

Where to Stay

  • Istana Hotel
  • Mama Inn
  • Pacific Hotel
  • Al-Barkah Inn

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